About the Mast

The Mast is pretty important, of course, so it has its own web page. It looks down on the boat as a result of its importance.

  • Forespar
  • Triple Spreader Rig
  • Navtec Rod Rigging
  • Through Deck
  • Stepped to the Floor Timber, now over a 1 inch thick G10 epoxy load spreader
  • Navtec Hydraulic vang, dual piston backstay
  • Spinnaker Pole with track car on winch

  • Since the mast weighs approximately 1000 lbs, it is a tricky effort to step it. Perfect alignment, no wind, and a little help from plastic buckets cut out as sliders in the partners, makes the job easier. A book truck and a couple of radios to communicate were critical tools. Oh, I forgot about the forklift to keep the butt end off the ground.