About the Anchor and Windlass

I never felt so secure at anchor. I only wake up once during the night. I am always amazed at how we sense changes of direction or motion while we sleep, this is my first chain-only tackle and it works so well. I now understand why cruisers like it.

  • 110 lbs Claw 50Kg Lewmar anchor
  • WIndlass - 2200 Maxwell
  • I wired the bow thruster remote control windlass relays to the windlass so I can control both with the remote.
  • 200 feet of rusty 3/8 inch high tensile chain, which I need to replace with a 300 foot chain.
  • Stainless hooks for chain tension relief
  • Some day I'll get a chain stopper installed as well as a chain track channel.

  • Here is an interesting article by Peter Smith in New Zealand, on the topic of chain weight, scope, and loads for various size boats under varied wind conditions. Frog's Leap should, according to the data, pull 2200 lbs-force in 50 knots of wind. I recommend keeping fingers and limbs at a respectable distance.

    I thought of the accuracy of the pull numbers, I think they are conservative, so one of these days a dynamometer would be a useful test.